Using Flower Remedies for Results!

I was fortuMaking up the Bach Flower Remediesnate enough to celebrate yesterday with my very hard working cousin who had received some (well deserved) outstanding A-level results.  I have been reflecting on what it was like to be finishing school, all of the changes and uncertainty, and perhaps fear, of what lay ahead.  I wish I had the knowledge then that I have now about the Bach Flower Remedies, as there are a few remedies that would be so helpful for my younger self.  Here are a few suggestions that may help any school leavers with the stress and uncertainty of the next few weeks and months.

Wild Oat – This is a wonderful remedy which I wish I had been taking aged 18!  It is for feelings of uncertainty regarding your correct path in life.  Perhaps you feel undecided as to what to do, or uncertain you have made the right choices.  You might feel talented and ambitious but it’s not clear really as to where to put that talent and ambition. Wild Oat would work well with Scleranthus if you also feel very confused and perhaps can’t decide between your options, such as which university or course or apprenticeship to take.  Perhaps you are in danger of losing opportunities due to your changing outlook and lack of balance?  Scleranthus will help you to make decisions and take action in a calm and determined manner.

Walnut is another remedy that goes well with Wild Oat. It is the remedy for someone about to make a big leap and do something on their own.  It’s the remedy to help you reconnect with your personal ambitions and ideals in life, while protecting you from other peoples influence, opinion and directions, which can be quite dominant at your age, even though you know your own mind and certainly know what you don’t want to be doing!  It’s such a good remedy for you at this age because you are breaking away and making your own steps forward in life, supporting you in keeping your own consistancy and determination.

Willow – this is the remedy for those who might not have done as well as they thought they should have done in their exam results.  It’s for feelings of self-pity and resentment, perhaps begrudging others for doing well in their results, or blaming others rather than yourself…“why should it happen to me and not Lucy, who didn’t work quite so hard?”  This remedy will help you recognise your responsibilities and to see things in their true perspective, restoring your optimism and faith.

Holly – perhaps if you didn’t do as well as you would have liked you are feeling a bit jealous or envious of your classmates?  Holly is a great remedy to help you be happy for other people and not jealous of their exam success or university offers.

You can buy Bach Flower Remedies in most health food stores and Boots the Chemist.  If you would like me to make you up a remedy do get in touch, I will send you a questionnaire, followed up by a 25 minute phone consultation, blend your personalised remedy and p&p, all for £25.


  • Use the dropper to administer dose, avoiding the dropper gBach Flower Remedies for Resultsetting too close to the mouth or breath to avoid contamination
  • Take between meals or add to a bottle of mineral water and sip throughout the day
  • Dosage is 4 drops 4 x a day, 8 drops 2 x a day or 16 drops in a bottle of water sipped throughout the day


  • Somewhere cool, dark and dry. Avoid excessive heat, cold or moisture and direct sunlight
  • Do not transfer from one container to another

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