Naturopathic Principles

IMG_1405In naturopathy, health is viewed as a dynamic state of equilibrium between the structural, biochemical and emotional aspects of a person.  This is known as the Triad of Health.  Naturopathic principles acknowledge that the human body has an innate ability to resist disease and it’s own mechanisms of recovery and self-regulation.  A person’s vitality is considered to be of overall importance in the body’s self-healing capability and a personalised naturopathic plan will be devised accordingly.

In practice as a naturopath, Lucy will make use of various treatments that are designed to stimulate the activation of the body’s own homeostatic mechanisms.  Your therapeutic protocols are holistic in the way that include all aspects of the triad of health.  Techniques Lucy will use might include structural adjustments using various bodywork modalities, such as myofascial release and therapeutic massage.  Naturopathic hydrotherapy is sometimes used as a theraputic tool as it helps with all aspects of the triad of health and boosts the body’s vitality.

Biochemical adjustments include giving naturopathic dietary and nutritional advice, which may follow some functional lab testing to see what is going on in the body.  You may also be given a cleansing and detoxing regimen.  Help on a mental and emotional level might include using Bach Flower remedies, giving lifestyle advice or prescribing herbal teas such as chamomile tea to aid relaxation.