Constitutional Hydrotherapy

What is it?

IMG_2436Constitutional Hydrotherapy is a powerful therapy using water as a healing medium. It is a safe and effective natural therapy involving you lying on your back on the couch to start with, undressed to the waist. Hot towels are then layered on to your abdomen and chest area and you are covered with a blanket.

After 5 minutes of applying 3 of these hot towels a cold towel is then applied and you are wrapped up in blankets. This cold towel will be left on for about 10 minutes so that your body can warm the towel. The process is then repeated on your back.

The purpose of doing this is to cause a change in circulation – the hot towels draw your blood to the skin and then the cold towel encourages the blood to move back into the body core, which benefits both the blood and lymphatic circulation as well as helping the internal organs function more efficiently.

This improved circulation encourages the immune system, helps remove waste products from the body and sends more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues to repair damage.

Why would a Naturopath use it in your therapeutic plan?

To balance body functions, strengthen the immune system and promote healing. It is a very good tool to use for any abdominal problems – especially any gut and liver problems, or lower back pain.

It is a wonderful general tonic which is good for reducing congestion in the circulation, stimulating the hormonal system, enhancing immune function and the lymphatic system as well as relieving inflammation. It is also a very relaxing treatment to receive.

After the session you may feel refreshed and invigorated or a little tired. This is a normal reaction. You are advised to relax afterwards, keep warm and drink plenty of good quality water.

Please note:
Female patients are advised to bring a bikini top or spare bra if they wish as this treatment requires you to undress to the waist.

Course of treatments:

It is advised that you have a course of 5 treatments on consecutive weeks.