About Lucy

Lucy is a highly qualified and experienced naturopath working in Somerset and on the Isle of Wight.  She runs her own naturopathy clinic and is available for private consultations, workshops and group sessions.

Lucy strongly believes that therapies such as naturopathy should be complementary to conventional treatment and is trained to work alongside doctors or other therapists where necessary.

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In practice, naturopaths have various tools they use to work with the body and help you get back into balance. Treatments are always holistic as all aspects of a person are considered. Your sessions may involve any or all of the following:

Lifestyle advice, Naturopathic dietary therapy, Bodywork treatments such as therapeutic massage, Reiki or lymphatic cleansing massage, Naturopathic hydrotherapy, Breath work and breathing exercises & Bach Flower Remedies.

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Why see a Naturopath?

If you have a specific condition you would like to try and improve using diet and naturopathic therapies you could email or call Lucy and see if Naturopathy could help you. You can use it alongside conventional treatment for your medical condition.

Naturopathy can help to reduce symptoms and improve feelings of wellbeing. It can also be a good way to increase your vitality after a long-term illness or drug therapy. You could visit Lucy if you feel you need to improve your health and lifestyle generally.

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Gentle diet advice for heartburn

In the news this week: millions of people who take heartburn medications are at higher risk from early death.  Research is showing that taking proton-pump inhibitor medications (PPIs) are really not doing us any good in the long run.  These medications include prescriptions you would have had from your GP, Omeprazol being the most common Continue reading »

Using the Bach Flower Remedies for Exams

It’s nearly summertime… which must mean it’s time for students to be inside studying frantically for A-Levels and university exams while the sun shines on everybody else. This can be such a stressful time of year for students.  It’s so easy not to look after yourself when you are frantically studying and revising, and a recent Continue reading »